Getting direct Referrals for any PTC Sites Step-By-Step

Do you want to get MORE $$$ from your programs ?


how to get free direct referrals

Everyone knows that getting direct referrals for PTC sites like Neobux, Clixsense…. make the best money and for me, it’s about 80% of my income with PTC programs.

Truly to say that getting direct referrals is hardly more than before because many people are SCAM by PTC. You can’t promote your link and get referrals from spamming or some stupid word likes “Make money from home easy with….” or ” Click and Register, you can make more than 1000$ per month ” ….

Almost people know that it’s impossible and you just try to fool them and get your extra money. So how can I get the direct referral and earn more for PTC sites ?

There are 2 strategies that you must do step-by-step to get more than 1000 direct referrals working for you :

Strategy #1 : Creating your Website/Blog and do SEO

It’s an effective way to get direct referrals, I refer you use WordPress because of the simple of administration. You can create your content to guide, review to promote your site and put your link artfully. Of course, when you have some direct referrals you can also give them your website information.

The important things to get your direct referrals that you must SEO for your Website/Blog to appear on TOP 10 Google with your target Keyword so now, people will come to your site and register for your affiliate links automatically.

Some people have some troubles to SEO your own PTC Website/blog because there are too much affiliate link out of your sites. Let leave your email to receive my FREE ALL-in-One SEO book, it can resolve your problem.

The book shows : how to create your own Website/Blog and Full SEO strategy.

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Thing you like : 

  • – Automatically get direct referrals when ranking #1 page on Google.

Things you don’t like: 

  • – You need to learn too much marketing skills and figure out how search engines work.
  • – Taking a long time to rank on #1 Google. So if you are too lazy let come to #2 strategy now !

Strategy #2 : The Combination

Things you like : 

  • – Less of skill.
  • – Get direct referrals faster than #1.

Things you don’t like :

  • – In the beginning, you need money to invest some advertise packages.

Advertising in other PTC sites

100%  PTC members  wanna make money online so you will get the higher rate of getting direct referrals. This is the reason in my blog, I always recommend joining at least 2 PTC sites to use your extra money for advertising.

For example, If you want to get direct referrals for Neobux you can go to Scarlet Clicks to promote your affiliate link.

See the full list of Elite PTC sites for advertising : Believe me ! This is the most effective way to get direct referrals, Let put some banner or paid to click ads now.

Advertising on Revenue sharing sites

There are many revenues sharing sites such as Traffic Monsoon ( online since 2014 ) where you not only get direct referrals but also make money here. If you are not familiar with this type of program, let read the example below :

For Traffic Monsoon example : When you buy 1 advertisement packages ( $50 ) you will get $55 ( ROI 110% for 55 days), 20 banner click and 1000 traffic that you can easy promote your sites…. It may slow in the beginning but, if joining for long-run you will see the best result here

  • get direct referrals with Traffic Monsoon

    Click the banner to visit Traffic Monsoon!

Advertising on is one of the most popular link shortened service trusted since 2009. In, you can not only advertise but also make money here.

Note : The conservation rate is higher but costs more money than in PTC sites. You can read more from this post >>> How to make money with <<< or ….

get direct referrals fast

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Downline Builder ( optional )

Downline builder sites are the easiest way to get direct referrals because people come to their system to look up some PTC programs to work with. So you can post your link to get your referrals by the point of viewing ads or sign up for another.

We suggest joining DOWNLINEREFS to get direct referrals.

ImportantDownlinerefs member registered under you and you got their email, right ? Remind that they care much about PTC programs so to increase your direct referrals click, you must contact with your downline and giving your guide for your PTC site.


Banner service ( optional )

1.  Choose your banner

Banner advertising is the cheapest way to get direct referrals for you. If you don’t have time for creating your own Website/Blog you can use this method to promote your PTC programs.

More impression = More traffic = More direct referrals

get direct referrals

2. Design your custom banner

Of course, creating Unique banner get a much higher CTR ( Click-through rate ) than Standard banner ( Your PTC programs offer ) so more unique = more chance to get clicks and earn more money.

Let see : If they display your custom banner 700 times you will gain 0.07%-0.15% ( 8-9 clicks ) while standard banner just gives you 0.03%-0.07% ( 3-4 clicks ).

Spread out your custom banner NOW

Don’t waste your time on social network

People come to social media like Facebook or Twitter for connecting with each other and especially having FUN. I don’t mean that you can’t get direct referrals here, but for real there is less conversation rate that I have tried many times.

how to get free direct referrals

Forum posting

Now if you have Website/Blog you can share your content or posting payment proof with referrals link to the forum. It is the best way to get traffic and rank on Google.

Important :

NEVER spam your affiliate link. Let’s give to the conversation by giving the suggestion or answer their problems to become more influential with other people and remember that word to success: SHARE TO BE SHARE.

trick to get direct referralsThat’s easy, right? But I strongly recommend following these steps correctly, don’t be rushed and give up early. Time will prove your hard-working.

Best earnings for all !

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